A Thousand Years of Love (2001)
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“A Thousand Years of Love”(20 minutes)
song cycle of love poems from around the world spanning 1000 of history. Commissioned by Millennium Consortium, Music Accord, for soprano Sylvia McNair. Premiered at The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, October 2001, with Sylvia McNair, soprano, and Bruce Adolphe, piano. Performed by them around the US. Touring in 2003 with soprano Lauren Skuce and pianist Anne-Marie McDermott for The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center.

No. 1. Tonight, When There is No Moon

No. 2. What's Wrong with Me?

No. 3. O Mistress Mine

No. 4. Luci serene e chiare

No. 5. Lean Your Cheek

No. 6. Chanson d'Amour

No. 7. Were it Undo

No. 8. In Amerike

No. 9. Valley Girl in Love

No. 10. Lunar Joe

A Thousand Years of Love
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Composer: Bruce Adolphe

Instrumentation: soprano and piano

Premiering Artists: Sylvia McNair, soprano; Bruce Adolphe, piano

Duration: 20'

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Keiser Classical

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Sylvia McNair official site

Bruce Adolphe. Credit: Barbara Luisi
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Sylvia McNair. Credit: Roni Ely
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