• Bolcom's Diary of Sally Hemmings: An early Music Accord commission is getting the Glimmerglass treatment:  starting August 27, you can see a performance by soprano Alyson Cambridge.  

  • Music Accord recently asked journalist Heidi Waleson to record the origins and evolution of the partnership.

  • Anna Clyne's Breathing Statues for the Calidore String Quartet

  • Jessie Montgomery's Sergeant McCauley premiered by Imani Winds and Catalyst Quartet (co-commission with The Sphnix Organization)

  • What is Music Accord?

    Comprised of top classical music presenting organizations throughout the United States, Music Accord is a consortium that commissions new works in the chamber music, instrumental recital and song genres. The Consortium's goal is to create a significant number of new works and to ensure presentation of these works in venues throughout this country and, if the occasion arises, internationally. Music Accord...

Works for the current season

Sergeant McCauley

Composer: Jessie Montgomery

Instrumentation: string quartet and wind quintet

Duration: 14

Breathing Statues

Composer: Anna Clyne

Instrumentation: string quartet

Duration: 19